Journey to Rubber Soles

Journey to Rubber Soles
We've been making baby and toddler soft leather shoes for almost 20 years. The sole is ideal for babies as it is very soft, lightweight and it won't restrict natural growth and movement. Little wriggly toes can move freely and grip the floor as if they are walking barefoot. This is important in baby foot development and why soft soles are the ideal shoe for newborns, crawlers and cruisers learning to take those wonderful first steps. They are non-slip and ideal for indoor and light outdoor use.
Our aim is to take our customers on a journey with us from the birth of their child... to first steps and beyond. As we have grown as a brand and listened to customer feedback it was clear that you wanted a more durable shoe something stronger/thicker that could be worn outdoors and most importantly could withstand getting wet or dirty. You wanted the same designs, ease of fit and comfort of the classic soft sole. We spend a few months looking at options and rubber soles were the perfect solution.


Welcome to GRIPZ our rubber soles for the outdoor adventurer... the designs are the same but the shoes are stronger and well...grippier. Ideal for light outdoor use.
As a mum I know that when little ones find their feet and confidence they start exploring and the great outdoors becomes their playground. I love this part best. watching their wonder of everything they see and touch. Exploring and experiencing different surfaces underfoot. Playing in the garden, on soft grass, sandy beaches,walking in the bluebell woods with Grandad, climbing hills and mountains, holding on to your hand in the school playground. Our Gripz are made from rubber that has been ethically sourced and free of harmful chemicals. They are still lightweight and flexible but the rubber makes them thicker giving extra protection when they are on the move outdoors. They are available from size medium 6-12 months up to size 3-4 years.
You can order online here. Choose from the huge range of gorgeous designs which give you the option of soft or rubber sole.